Integrate GitHub with ScrumDo

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To use Pull Requests, tag a pull request (or any commit within that pull request) with a ScrumDo card, and the pull request will show up on the Card in ScrumDo.

Pull Requests

Upload any card that already exists in ScrumDo, or any new card created to the GitHub repo as a new issue.

Upload ScrumDo Stories as 

Github issues

Download any existing, or any newly created GitHub issues into ScrumDo’s import queue, from there you can choose to import them into your ScrumDo project.

Download GitHub issues into the ScrumDo import queue

For any cards/issues that have been uploaded or downloaded, ScrumDo will keep the issue status in sync with the cell on the board.

Synchronize issue status with board cell

This enables commit message support in ScrumDo.

Link commits and pull requests to ScrumDo cards

Tag a ScrumDo card with a commit message. You can use any of these three message styles. If you use GitHub issues, the last format will allow you to avoid conflicts with the issue auto-tagging format.

Tag commit or pull request to ScrumDo card

Tag a ScrumDo card with a commit message and move it on your board to the specified Cell.

Move ScrumDo card

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