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Better Planning

Generate forecasts based on empirical data captured across projects, epics, user stories and tasks.


Scrum on Steroids

Use Scrumban's visualization & metrics features to accelerate your mastery of Scrum practices & reduce the overhead of Scrum ceremonies.

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  • I manage 10 or so projects at a time. Scrumdo is attractive because of it's integration with Harvest, Basecamp, and GitHub. Each of those tools are good at what they do but they don't support a planning process.

    Carol Shepherd, Tech Zest Advisors

  • Scrumdo does what it does simply and easily without fuss. It is the ideal tool for those using Scrum and finding that all the tools they look at are overcomplicated, cumbersome and expensive.

    Paul Labuschagne, First DataBank

  • This is simply AWESOME!

    Diego Fernando Trujillo Cali, Colombia, South America

Lead Time Histogram, Cumulative Flow Diagram, Burndown, Burnup, or Stacked?

From the simplest to the most informative type of chart, we show you your iteration progress the way you want to see it.

Company Wide Statistics

You can view statistics, and create releases across projects for your whole company.

Not just a Scrum Board

Use the Story List to quickly manage many stories. View stories in several different sizes to get a big picture or to dig into the details. Manipulate stories in bulk to save time.


Planning Poker®

Use planning poker with teamates in the room, or across the world to estimate and size your stories.

Since it's integrated into ScrumDo, there is no copy & pasting your stories to other websites.

Kanbanize WIP Limits

Limiting the amount of work in progress (WIP) helps kanban teams keep a steady rhythm by making sure no one is ever overwhelmed.

Scrum Board

The Scrum Board gives you a quick way of visually seeing the status of your iteration. Drag and drop stories into different columns to change their statuses.

Iteration Planning

Our iteration planning tool helps you plan out your work and move stories from your backlog into an iteration.

Compare the amount of work in previous iterations with the current one, so as not to overload your team.

Epic Stories

Use the epic tool to make a high level plan of the work before you start. Create a hierarchy of tasks to keep your work organized.

Release Planning

Create a bigger picture view of your organization's work with our release planning tool.

Add projects, or parts of projects, to a release to track stats for an entire release.

Developer API

Use ScrumDo's REST based developer API to extract data or to integrate with your own internal software development systems.

Personal Kanban

Get more out of your time and do things you really care about.

Excel Exports

Export your project, iteration, or entire organization to Excel for easy manipulation or reporting.

Import stories from Excel to create a custom workflow that suits your needs.

Why you should choose ScrumDo

We strive to strike the right balance between ease of use, flexibility, and adherence to Scrum principles.

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Integrates with Others

Using GitHub, Basecamp, Jira, or several others? We've got you covered.

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Clean Layout

This is not a needlessly complex tool that takes weeks to learn. Be up and running today.

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Easy to Customize

Create your own set of statuses, categories, and epics for stories.

Thousands of people get work done with ScrumDo every day.
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Support after your purchase

We're in this for the long haul and want to support your Scrum process. ScrumDo is what we do, we're self-funded, profitable, and won't hang you out to dry after the purchase.

Expert Support. All support questions go right to the developers, no need to escalate.


We don't believe in hiring an army of script-reading first line support. Your questions will always be answered by the people in the know.

Secure & Available We work hard to keep your data safe and available.

Safe and Secure
  • 2013 - 99.998% Uptime
  • 2012 - 99.9% Uptime
  • 0 Security Breaches

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  • 3 Projects
  • 1GB Storage


30 Day Free Trial
  • 15 Users
  • 10 Projects
  • 3GB Storage
  • Email Notifications
  • Group Chat
  • Custom Statuses


30 Day Free Trial
  • 60 Users
  • Unlimited Projects
  • 20GB Storage
  • Email Notifications
  • Group Chat
  • Custom Statuses
  • Time Tracking

We offer big discounts for annual subscriptions, you'll be able to select that option when you actually subscribe.

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