Supercharge your Team

ScrumDo lets you focus on the work instead of managing scrum

Scrumban? Kanban? We've got you covered too!


Flexible Scrum Board

Flexible Board

If you can draw it, you can make it. No more complex box based boards.

Agile Planning Tool

Planning Tool

Create a hierarchy of work and plan out your iterations.

Planning Poker

Planning Poker

Consensus based estimation built right in.

Project Timeline

Project Timeline

Keep up with what's going on across your projects.

Board Wizard

Board Wizard

Set up complex workflows in seconds.

Sub Tasks

Sub Tasks

Create and manage sub tasks for each card.

Card Labels

Card Labels

Categorize and track your cards with Labels and Tags


Cumulative Flow Diagram

Track how quickly things are done. Powerful configuration and filter options.


Lead Time Histogram

Track how long work took. Powerful configuration and filter options.

Burndown Charts

Burnup and Burndown

Report all your classic Scrum stats.


Dashboard View

Quick at a glance overview across projects.

Email Notifications

Email Notifications

Know when things happen, delivered directly to your inbox.

Rich Cards

Rich cards

Store everything about your User Stories, Features, or Bugs.

Join 70,000+ users in 700+ companies in 145+ countries

Why ScrumDo?


ScrumDo is used in 145 countries by over 70,000 users while continuing to exceed customer expectations.
7,239,452 and counting stories completed.
One of the first Agile tools in the market.


Do you use Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban or your own process to do work? ScrumDo provides unparalleled flexibility and management intelligence specific to your context.


Making the management of your work and the use of the tool not just easy but uncompromisingly simple!

Your customer’s satisfaction

ScrumDo's focus to help you help your customers by aiding you to not just build and throw things over the wall but deliver the greatest value to your customer sustainably.


It's better to go slow in the right direction than to go fast in the wrong direction. Balance quality, effectiveness and efficiency. Don't just work on things the right way; work on the right things.


ScrumDo carefully selects metrics to keep your organization and teams informed of their progress. Get a quick overview of your project status or analyze deeply.


ScrumDo was built and is continulously improved by leading experts to ensure tool precision and reliablity.

Pro-Active Training & Support

ScrumDo coaches identify and help you with opportunities to improve the way you work. With one-on-one coaching and powerful tools like the getScrumban game, ScrumDo coaches take a facilitative approach to help you apply Lean & Agile principles and improve the way you work.

Ahead of the curveWe're leaders in Agile METHODOLOGY

We literally wrote the book on how to get the Most Out of Agile, Scrum and Lean Kanban

ScrumDo fully supports Scrum and Scrumban

Scrumban is a powerful approach to supercharging team performance by integrating the best elements of Agile and Lean Kanban on top of Scrum.

Now, there's a complete guide to Scrumban for every IT, software, and knowledge professional who wants to apply it. Whatever your role -- even if you're not a team leader -- you'll learn how to use Scrumban to help your organization thrive.

Forewords by David J. Anderson and Jim Benson
Part of Addison Wesley's Agile Development Series. Series Editors: Alistair Cockburn, Jim Highsmith.


We're not just tool makersWe're partners in continuous improvement

Agile Coaching

Lean and Agile thinking represents a big shift for many organizations. Codegenesys, the parent company of ScrumDo, has expert coaches who are knowledgable about both practices and the principles behind them.
Let us partner with you to help you adopt agile and transform your organization.




Yep, we're humanMeet the leadership


Ajay Reddy, Co-Founder

Author, Scrumban [R]Evolutions (June 2015, Agile Development Series Addison Wesley publication), Speaker, Trainer and Agility Coach.

When Ajay's not focussed on high value improvements in organizations he's researching and writing about improvement techniques or helping non-profits improve in the Boston area.


Marc Hughes, Co-Founder

Marc loves everything about software development. Whether coding, writing, or managing a team, he's happiest behind the keyboard. He's worked on everything from software to control industrial robots to educational software for K-12. When not developing software, Marc is a brand new parent and expresses his maker side with a CO2 laser cutter.


Diana Reddy, Customer Relationship Officer

Diana enjoys supporting ScrumDo customers and teams. Her background in human resouces and teaching elementary school, make her a patient listener and an excellent customer support manager. In her spare time she plays the flute and is an aspiring quilter.

Our mission


We aim at providing the best and most intuitive work management application for distributed teams. Our mission is your organizational excellence- efficient, effective and high quality service at a sustainable pace.

We at ScrumDo believe that the tool should not become the process. Often times, so much is invested in complex enterprise tools that the tool begins to drive your process instead of the other way around. Others try to be everything to everyone and accomplish nothing well. Still, some others charge an arm and a leg for their tool. It does not have to be that way. Excellence should come at an affordable price.

As one of the most seasoned Agile tools in the market, we've remained committed to our motto of helping organizations improve management of work through effective application of Agile and Lean Kanban principles. ScrumDo aims to unleash high performance in your teams, innovations in your products and continuous improvement in your organizations.