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Slack integration

Work with Scrum, Kanban or Agile without leaving Slack


ScrumDo is the easiest way to visualize and share your project progress while working in Slack.

Easy and Powerful

ScrumDo supports all major frameworks like Kanban, Scrum, Scrumban, SAFe.

Built with Agile and Lean in mind

- Track work better by creating or moving cards 

- Keep all the relevant conversation in its context by add notes or comments to a card

- Know what you’re responsible for by getting the list of your cards

- Assigning cards to teammates or categorize cards with labels

- Get the list of priorities on what your team should work on next right

- Can’t make progress on a card? Block the card from the slack interface

- Manage your customer expectations better by managing your sprints

- Done with a card? Archive it.

- Break down cards into smaller tasks get them done.

- Keep track of relevant information by receiving notifications in your Slack Channel

Some of the things you can do with our integration

Rich and Visual Scrum Board
ScrumDo PI Planning Tool

"We increased software release speed from 1 release per month to 4 or 5 every two weeks. Customer satisfaction has increased and client satisfaction too."

- Jose Castrillo Barquero, Project Manager at Logixsoft



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