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One value stream where Kanban has been growing in popularity is marketing. In recent years, marketers have been realizing that despite the fact that they’re from Venus and developers are from Mars, so to speak, there’s actually a lot of value in this Agile thing developers have been doing.

Marketing leaders have been realizing that like developers, they too are facing:

  • Growing complexity and uncertainty.
  • Accelerating pace of change and competition.
  • Crushing workloads that have become unsustainable.
  • As a result of these pressures, some early adopter marketing organizations have started to adopt Agile principles and practices as a way to manage complexity, improve agility and competitiveness, and to visualize their workflows.

ScrumDo supports both Kanban and Scrum and has all the necessary tools for your Agile Marketing workflow.

Organizations that are using the Agile Marketing approach :

Productivity up 400%, costs down 20% after they implemented “agile marketing,” where annual plans are replaced by shorter-term bursts of focus. The marketing team limits itself to one hour of meetings a week, with twice-weekly 15-minute “scrum” meetings a big contributor to improved efficiency. The scrums help people stay accountable and share information without wasting time.

Beginning in 2009, the digital marketing team adapted agile work processes used by its product development teams. They set up three queues: one for work that required new development, one for creative projects, such as artwork, and a "rapid response" queue for site updates that take eight hours or less to complete. Projects are broken into small chunks, which the team calls "user stories," and prioritized according to the business objective. 

MediaVest sought the use of advanced analytics to understand how cross-channel and cross-search activity ultimately drove B2B and B2C conversions on behalf of its client, the leading US insurer in the

supplemental health plan market. 

Success was seen in the campaign by an overall increase in conversions (+14.05%) for only a minimal incremental investment (+4.91%). This positive result also saw the corresponding cost per lead decrease (-8.01%). 

A flexible board. If you can draw it, you can make it. No more complex box based boards. ScrumDo helps you break down your projects into small tasks that are easier to manage.

Visualize work

ScrumDo provides a set of reports and analytics - Cumulative Flow Diagram, Lead Time Histogram, Burnup and Burndown Charts. Make learning part of the Agile marketing flow.

Analyze your team's performance and learn from your results

Collaborate better and faster

Chat, leave comments, tag teammates, leave sentiment.  Agile is a very

process-driven, even orderly methodology that allows its practitioners to respond and adapt

quickly, in a market dictated by speed.

And much more... Take a look at our full feature list.

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"I once went looking for other tools and found myself unwilling to give up the elegant ScrumDo Scrum board. At AdoptUSKids, on the content and engagement side, we use ScrumDo to whiteboard our ideas for campaigns, website content updates, development of brochures or posters or infographics.”

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"Really digging the @Scrumdo platform for managing the projects at @CodeTankLabs."

"ScrumDo - helping the @DashThis team be more Agile, one project at a time!"

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