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Baptist Health was using Spreadsheets for their workload management with little process in place. As they researched tools to begin implementing Agile/Scrum for the Web Development team, it became apparent ScrumDo provided the needed tools and intuitive design and interface needed for our team. They started Agile with ScrumDo and have been using it successfully for over 2 years.





South East, USA

ScrumDo gave Baptist Health the tools to apply Scrum to their workload which has led to organized work, completed tasks and projects in a way that did not exist prior. With the help of ScrumDo, "the morale of the team has improved dramatically. The workload is being managed successfully and the feelings of anxiety and being overwhelmed have long since disappeared. No process is perfect, but Scrum and ScrumDo have kept us in check and in line with the Business goals and objectives of Baptist Health.", says Tony Fullen, senior Web System Analyst for Baptist Health.


Founded in 1924, Baptist Health has been bringing advanced medical technology, modern facilities, and many of the region's most prominent physicians and medical professionals for nearly a century. Counting all nine hospitals, Baptist Health has more than 2,700 licensed beds and more than 300 points of care including outpatient facilities which offer Urgent Care, Express Care, occupational medicine, physical therapy and diagnostics. Home care is also available in 39 Kentucky counties, six counties in Illinois and six counties in Southern Indiana. Their physician network of more than 3,000 employed and affiliated physicians continues to grow as they endeavor to improve access to healthcare and enhance the health of Kentucky as a whole. Baptist Health will lead the transformation to healthier communities.



Increased engagement with successful Scrum processes


Feelings of Accomplishment From Team


Point of Contact

Tony Fullen 

Web System Analyst – Sr.


Increased organized work & completed tasks

At the end of our very first Sprint, one of my developers shared the following... "One of the best feelings of accomplishment in my entire 15 year career at Baptist". ScrumDo helped make this happen!

- Tony Fullen

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