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What are the benchmarks of success a great organization? How can a good team improve to become a great team? Are these things even measureable? These are some of the questions that motivated our founders, Ajay Reddy and Marc Hughes, to create ScrumDo. 

Many teams trying to implement Lean Agile management practices on their own struggle to actually realize successful outcomes. This is due in part to the fact vision is not cast, or strategy is not paid attention to, or strategy needs a revamp, or they are unprepared to deal with a large complex environment or having a simplistic approach to a complex problem or yet ignoring best practices for simple problems.

At its core, ScrumDo is a platform designed to ease and improve how teams organize, manage and collaborate on delivering work. Though it was originally designed for software development teams using Scrum (a management and control process that eases the complexity of building software), it has grown into an extremely adaptive and robust platform that can be leveraged to improve the way teams and organizations work under any work management framework.

Although our platform has evolved to support any management framework, the capabilities embedded within it are driven by proven science related to workflow and team productivity (ranging from process management capabilities pioneered by Walter Shewhart and W. Edwards Deming all the way to modern Lean-Agile thought leaders from Dr. Jeff Sutherland, Ken Schwaber to David J. Anderson). Consequently, there are basic principles our platform purposefully emphasizes:

  • Effectively visualizing existing conditions.
  • Safely and Sustainably adapting changes.
  • Facilitating the breakdown of large efforts into smaller, independent deliverables in cases where it can be done.
  • Enable a probe sense respond approach where it’s appropriate.
  • Automating data captures, risk dimensions and other elements that can be used to improve the reliability and predictability of delivery.
  • Directing decision making to the right parties at the right time.

But, we don’t simply give our customers this powerful tool and disappear. We are committed to giving you the tools and help needed to succeed, through our extensive self-help section and coaching services. 

Our Story

Our mission is your organization’s success. 

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