Our mission is your organization’s success. 

ScrumDo is a diverse team, with our employees currently spanning 3 continents, enabling us to help serve our customers better.

We are customer-focused and genuinely want to see you achieve your goals. We are so excited to be a part of your success, as it is integral to ours. 

Ajay Reddy


Marc Hughes


Ajay Reddy has spent more than a decade helping technology teams and organizations improve how they work. His engagements emphasize a hands-on approach, collaborative experimentation, verified business outcomes, and improved team satisfaction. After discovering Agile approaches as a software engineer, he transitioned to coaching others in adopting Agile. In 2010, he co-founded ScrumDo.com to provide cloud-based project management tools to facilitate better Scrum and Kanban implementations. He recently co-created the GetScrumban game to help people discover Scrumban’s capabilities.

Marc loves everything about software development. Whether coding, writing, or managing a team, he’s happiest behind the keyboard. He’s worked on everything from software to control industrial robots to educational software for K-12. When not developing software, Marc is a brand new parent and expresses his maker side with a CO2 laser cutter.

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