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Are you on a team that is new to “Agile?” Are you looking for an easier way to help the team master a framework like Scrum or Kanban without having to invest thousands of dollars in formal training?

As a ScrumDo customer, you’re invited to join our newest Virtual Coaching Program, where we move beyond the limited virtual coaching interactions available within the application and engage in more focused work with teams to help them master core capabilities necessary to sustain continuous improvement over time.

We're Looking for a Few Good Teams


How It Works

While each Lean-Agile framework defines its own roles, events and ways of doing things, they all fundamentally require developing a core set of capabilities. We eliminate significant investments in formal training and help practitioners focus on developing one core capability at a time. 

Teams can still choose to work toward mastering a particular framework, and our approach actually enables them to 1) become more proficient at an accelerated pace; 2) produce deeper levels of understanding as to why specific frameworks do things a certain way, and 3) make for more permanent changes in the way they think and behave. 

These particular outcomes are ultimately what enables teams to sustain continuous improvement on their own, producing the option of reducing or eliminating further training and coaching altogether with few negative consequences (such as stagnation or regression to old ways of working). 

What our clients are saying

“…has deep knowledge of agile concepts/approaches such as Scrum, Kanban, and Scrumban [with] real experience implementing such approaches in order to improve the performance of application development and infrastructure organizations… [E]ngages with you as a partner throughout your journey into Agile and takes pride when the organization realizes the benefits

“…did an exceptional job coaching a variety of our Enterprise Data Services delivery teams at Capital One. Coaching some of our most diverse, culturally hardened, distributed and challenging teams, [they] produced steady, consistent, and successful outcomes that were tangible and verified.”

 Tim Corbin

Technology Capability Officer

     UNUM Insurance

 Jason Lewis

 Vice President 

    State Street Bank

“… a unique ability to communicate with various audiences and provide constructive and actionable feedback that leads to positive change. Right from the beginning [they were] asked to take on a very difficult project with multiple product owners and did an outstanding job of getting them to work together and get a new Agile project up and running.” 

David Bean 

IT Senior Manager

     Capital One Bank

We're Looking for a Few Good Teams

Are you looking for an easier way to help the team master a framework like Scrum or Kanban without having to invest thousands in formal training?

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