The Leadership Team

The success of ScrumDo is purely due to our team who have invested their precious efforts in the development right from the beginning. Our team always worked towards the common goal of delivering innovative, intuitive, and indispensable, bug free product for all agile teams.

  • Ajay Reddy

    Managing Partner ScrumDo LLC

    Ajay spent the last 10 years in various development roles, as an architect, team lead and director positions. He is a co-founder of ScrumDo, LLC and Code Genesys, LLC. He has a Masters in CS from WPI and is a candidate for MBA from Babson. He loves leveraging technology to creatively and efficiently solve problems. He lives in Upton, Massachusetts with his wife Diana and their three wonderful kids.

  • Marc Hughes

    Managing Partner ScrumDo LLC

    Marc loves everything about software development. Whether coding, writing, or managing a team, he's happiest behind the keyboard. He's worked on everything from software to control industrial robots to educational software for K-12. When not developing software, Marc is a brand new parent and expresses his maker side with a CO2 laser cutter.